About Us

My background

I am a qualified teacher with more than 17 years’ of experience in education sector. I have experience of working in Grammar schools, secondary and higher education sectors. I also have over a decade of experience in running a tuition centre teaching English and Mathematics working with various exam boards in many different roles and as a Governor in many educational institutions. Kindly look at parent testimonials.


I am supported by my colleague who has more than 25 years’ experience in teaching including working in grammar school and managing an education centre. She has experience of teaching many subjects including English. We offer highly structured courses of tuition to small groups students for grammar school examination preparation for the highly competitive grammar schools.

Small Group Format

The normal group size is 12 children. Our small group teaching process optimizes pupil interaction and makes good use of the small group dynamic whereby the children benefit not only from the teachers input but also from the input and errors of other pupils. This is not possible in larger groups.

Structure of the lesson

Lesson structure varies but most lessons include the following elements. Troubleshooting – an opportunity for children to have individual difficulties addressed. Timed practice – Timed tests aimed primarily at getting children accustomed to thinking clearly under time pressure consisting of 2 or 3 teaching units – from a mix of subjects from amongst English/VR, Maths and non-verbal reasoning. In English we emphasize on English Grammar and in Maths emphasis is on mental arithmetic.

Where we teach: ONLINE CLASSES

Dartford and Ilford.

Benefit from our experience

11plus Maters is a high quality 11+ education provider with high success rate with commitment to get the best out of your child. We are here to help if you have a child that has fallen behind and needs a boost to catch up, or maybe you want to stretch the capabilities of your gifted child.

Our aim is to provide top quality tutoring and coaching to students for the 11+ entrance exams to various grammar schools.We have a thorough knowledge of the requirements of all four segments of the 11+ examination as well as the application process. We have an excellent track record with 100% success rate in 11+ which is a result of partnership of parent, child and us. We provide regular feedback to parents on the progress of their child via WhatsApp, email or phone. Our commitment to education is next to none and will thus prepare your child to the many challenges they may come across in secondary education. We are committed to providing quality learning experiences and supporting children in achieving to the best of their ability. Would you like to give your child the best chance of Eleven Plus success? Look no further contact us immediately.  

Our lessons are personal, targeted, friendly and encouraging so children not only enjoy working with us but gain in confidence and do better at school. We develop independent, resilient and confident students ready to face any challenge.