Our Results

11+ tuition with 97% success rate by experienced Grammar School teachers with more than 19 years of teaching experience and proven pedagogy techniques. We use proven techniques, tools and strategies and is the reason for high success rate of our students in Bromley, Bexley, Kent, Bromley, Redbridge and Essex. Students will benefit from an individual who understands teaching and learning. We will utilise a variety of resources including inhouse material for comprehensions, cloze, mental & advanced Mathematics etc. We are presently enrolling students taking 11+ in 2022 and 2023. 

Over the past 7 years we have had more than 100 selections into grammar schools

Last year we have had 25+ selections into grammar schools

This year we have had 36 selections into grammar schools
Our results so far
St Olaves SET (cleared stage 1)- 5 selections
QE – 1 selection
Bexley10 selections(3 in top 180)
Kent 100% results , all 13 students who did Kent test passed. 7 students scored 406+. Our top scores include 423(full score),420,420…
Sutton SET (eligible for all schools cleared stage 1 & stage 2 for Wilsons &Sutton grammar)- 2 selections
Newsteadwood- 1 selection
CSSE- 2 selection